Pasque Flower is one of my favorite flowers up here in the Colorado Rockies. When she lifts her beautiful head up toward the sky, spring is on her way and winter can go to rest. Also called Wind Flower, Pulsatilla, or Meadow Anenome (from the Greek word for wind) she is one of the first perennial flowers to bloom in the spring, growing anywhere between 5,000 and 11,500 ft. The delicate, hairy, lavender flowers appear before the leaves of the plant.

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Medicinal Properties

Pasque Flower is a powerful plant. She is a wonderful nervous system remedy, an anti-spasmodic, and great healer for high blood pressure, poor circulation, shock, nerve pain, headache, and hormonal fluctuations. In addition, Pasque Flower can support a person who is feeling anxious, vulnerable or frail.

Pasque Flower was used by the Ponca and Omaha Indians to treat sores and wounds, including those of the eyes.

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Pasque Flower wants to be taken seriously, she only can be taken in VERY small tinctured, or homeopathic dosages. Pasque Flower is potentially dangerous in normal herbal doses. Pasque Flower essence or the homeopathic remedy should never be taken without consulting a qualified health practitioner. For adults only! I personally take 1-3 drops DILUTED in fresh well water, no more than twice a day.

Pasque Flower is known to slow the heart rate when ingested and symptoms of overdose are nausea, gastric distress, low blood pressure, eruptive rash, and in rare cases, convulsion.

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Harvesting and Preparing

The medicinal properties should be extracted from the fresh herb, the dried flower has lost her medicinal potency. The fresh herb and seeds can be irritating to skin, mucous membrane, and eyes. Use caution when harvesting fresh Pasque Flower. I harvest the whole plant in flowering stage. Some people include the root, I personally don’t.

To make a tincture I fill a jar with Pasque Flower and top it off with organic grain vodka. I let the tincture sit for several months and then add agave nectar to my liking.

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