pictureWelcome to Sustainable Homesteading and thank you for visiting. I am excited to be sharing my knowledge, experience, mistakes and successes, joy, and hard work.

I am a psychologist by training and a homesteader at heart. I am deeply passionate about creating sustainable living environments. I live on four acres at 8,600 feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and spend any free time I have in my organic garden, my orchard, in my kitchen, with my chickens, dogs, and bees. I enjoy every aspect of my life from canning to splitting wood, making herbal tinctures and honeys, foraging the woods, baking bread, fermenting foods, creating pottery, building things, knitting, and exploring new territories. I am learning with every step on my path of greater sustainability, simplicity, and abundance. I feel deeply nourished and blessed by the land and animals I take care of and the path I, and we all, are on. Lets heal nature and create abundance; lets give back to planet earth.

I would like Sustainable Homesteading to be a place of community and sharing. There are infinite topics to be explored. I have read many books, talked to more experienced people, and have lived the life of a homesteader using trial and error. Please, I am inviting you to share your depth, joy, and wisdom.

I would be delighted to have my posts linked to, but please do not copy or take any content or images from this site without my permission. Just ask, and I will most likely say “yes.”

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